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Hi! It`s a pleasure to meet you here, my name is Matheus Almeida. I`m a self-taught artist in love for the chinese culture and thought. I use, as my work base, linen and paper. I am influenced by a technic called Xiěyì 写意 known as handsfree art. According to the tradicional chinese painting, this technic is characterized for vivid expression; furthermore, it is considered half-abstract art once it suggests the picture avoiding the presence of details.

“The true painting does not reveal the art, even less something aesthetic, its a way to be”

 Shí Tāo 石涛  (poet and painter of landscapes, 1642-1707).

Enjoy the Visit!


| The House of Arts, Miami – FL (USA)

| Galeria Olaria, Brasília – DF (BR)

| Samba Galeria, Rio de Janeiro – RJ (BR)

| Enquadre, Rio de Janeiro – RJ (BR)


|expo arte hotel. Hotel Mercure São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (2021)

| artlab’s 5th Anniversary, São Paulo, Brasil (2021)

| expoartsp, São Paulo, Brazil (2021)

| seres Volantes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2019)

| AVA art festsival. Osaka, Japan (2018)

|natureza ao redor. Itaipava, Brazil (2018)

| a arte de paris para helsinki. Helsinki, Finland (2017)

| artshopping carrousel du louvre. Paris, France (2017)

| we live art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2017)

| AVA art festsival. Osaka. Japan (2017)

| a força da arte brasileira. Helsinki, Finland (2017)

| pre-BELA (Biennial of European and Latin American Contemporary Art), UN (United Nations), New York. United States (2017)

|tendências criativas. Juparanã, Rio de Janeiro. Brazil (2016)